with discount and installment payment opportunities and Gold Points features



  • "With its no card fee policy, Kuveyt Türk presents its new generation credit cards in three tiers: Saglam Card, Platinum, Gold and Classic. The financial weight of shopping is lighter than ever with the discount opportunities, installment payment plans, and Gold Points at partner establishments with this card. The Saglam card is also there for your urgent cash needs!"

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With the Saglam Credit Card,

  • Get your very own discount at partner establishments every day of the week. (For more details on the discount advantages, visit
  • Travel the globe and pay all fees in the installment payment plans of your choice.
  • Earn 1 percent of payments made in installments, and 0.1 percent of direct payments as Gold Points on the Saglam card. Once your Gold Points accumulation surpasses TRY 10, it will automatically be transferred to your Gold Current Account. You can chose to accumulate your gold or withdraw your earnings as gram gold.
  • The Saglam card is also there for your urgent cash needs. Transactions can be done for up to 10 percent of your card limit and a maximum of TRY 500. Withdrawn loan must be paid in the first statement by paying transaction fee in the amount of TRY 1.25 and inflation difference.


  1. Can I make transaction in installment in all places with Saglam Card?

    You can do installment for all national and international transactions in amounts of TRY 50 and above. Installments cannot be done for transactions in cash, or similar to cash made with a credit card. For installments, what is purchased must be bought goods (except gold, silver) or services. Therefore, installments cannot be done for jewelry, cell phone purchases, supermarket and food expenditures, fuel, foreign exchange transactions, cellphone credit transactions, tax payments, insurance transactions, invoice payments and subscription transactions.

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  2. How many installments can be done with Saglam Card?

    You can do installment for a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 9 months.

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  3. Can I make installments for my purchase after I have paid?

    No, we cannot execute transactions in this way, since there is debt financing. You should determine the installment number of your purchase before and make the transaction accordingly.

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  4. Do I need to determine an installment number before every purchase with Saglam Card?

    No, the determined number of installments remains the same until it is changed again. When the installment number is determined once, any transaction made above the lower limit will be installed in the determined installment number automatically. If you change the installment number, from the moment you make the change, installment are made according in the recent installment number.

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  5. How can I change installment numbers for my Saglam Card?

    The number of installments can be changed via SMS to 2848, Call Center 444 0 123, internet branch and mobile branch before any purchase.

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