Give purchase order each month regularly or when the Silver reaches a certain value withregular purchase and sale orders.

You can buy silver in return for even TRY 1
benefit from the yield of silver by expanding your investment portfolio!


After your application is completed, you can open accounts of foreign currency, precious metal and participation account through our Internet Branch.

Silver Account

  • "We serve the distinction of Senin Bankan with this account, where buying and selling silver in exchange for TRY or USD currency is as easy as can be. With this innovation, customers are able to buy silver at 1000 (one thousand) purity starting from 1 TRY, benefiting from both the market value of the precious metal as well as expanding their range of investment portfolios."

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With this account,

  • You can make transfer between your silver accounts, give purchase order each month or when the silver reaches a certain value with regular purchase and sale orders.
  • For real person accounts, your silver account is under the state guarantee (Saving Deposit Insurance Fund) up to TRY 100,000.
  • Physical delivery in silver accounts can be made if it is notified to our branches before 20 days.


  1. What is a silver account?

    It is a drawing account for our customer who want to invest in silver. Silver purchase and sale can be executed in return for TRY and USD.

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  2. Can I give silver purchase and sale orders?

    You can give silver purchase and sale orders with special rate via our Internet Branch. You can gain profit by giving purchase and sale order when it comes to a specific price or date without following rates.

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  3. Are my silver accounts under state guarantee?

    For real person accounts, your silver account is under the state guarantee (of the Saving Deposit Insurance Fund) up to TRY 100,000.

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  4. In which purity are silvers guarded in the account?

    The silver you purchased and registered to your account is at 1000 (a thousand) purity.

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  5. In which period can I make silver purchase and sale transactions?

    Transactions can be made during work days between 09.00 am and 17.25 pm.

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