All transactions done via Kuveyt Türk Branches, Online Banking, Mobile Banking, Tablet Banking, XTM, İşlematik and Telephone Banking channels can be done without paying transaction fees.

To make transaction fees a thing of the past


After your application is completed, you can open accounts of foreign currency, precious metal and participation account through our Internet Branch.


  • "As with many sectors, Senin Bankan provides exceptional services when it comes to your Current Accounts. Daily financial transactions such as paying bills, money transfers, investments, cash deposits and withdrawals have been made easier than ever, and do not incur any additional transaction fees."

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Service advantages of opening a Current Account at Senin Bankan:

  • Money transfers
  • Checkbook transactions
  • Credit and credit card payments
  • Donations, subscriptions, rent payments
  • Bills, taxes, SGK Premium payments
  • Check and share collections
  • Currency and precious metals transactions
  • Future term money transfers, periodic payment orders and currency and gold buying and selling orders.
  • Private Current account transactions can be realized at all times via Kuveyt Türk branches; Online banking, İşlematik, Telephone Banking and Mobile Banking channels.


  1. For which currencies can we make account applications? How are your products of participation and gold accounts opened?

    Current account applications can be opened only in the currency of TRY, while current and participation accounts in the currencies of USD/EUR/GOLD etc. can be opened via internet branch.

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  2. What is a current account?

    It is an account type that can be opened without depending on any term and not having any yield of dividend.

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  3. Are there any cuts from my current account like account maintenance fee?

    Kuveyt Türk does not deduct from your account in any way. No deductions are made without the knowledge of the customer.

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  4. 9.2. What kinds of banking transactions can I make through my current account?

    You can make your daily financial transactions like invoice payment, money transfer, cash withdrawal and deposit.

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  5. Is there any yield in current accounts?

    There is no yield in current accounts.

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