With Accumulated Savings Account, you can do long-term investments with high share-rates, using your little savings!!

Secure your future
with Little savings in Senin Bankan!


When your application is complete, you can open your Accumulated Savings Account using our Online Branch.


The term of your accumulated savings account can be 3 years minimum and 10 years maximum.
The accounts must be opened with TRY 150 / USD 100, or 10 grams of Gold. Repayments can be done in monthly or quarterly installments.
You can repay in amounts of TRY/USD/EURO 50-5000 or 1-50 grams of gold. You can pay directly from your account or by credit card.
Progress payments for deposit profit rates are done maturity dates. This profit share is transferred to your accumulated savings account.
A total of 5 installments can be postponed throughout the term. Postponing more than 5 installments will result in client account being automatically closed before its maturity date.
In case your account is closed before maturation, 50% of all received deposit profit rates shall be collected from the customer.