“You are in the right address if you want to own a car. Senin Bankan buys the car
you like with the help of Kuveyt Türk, and sells it to you in the number of installments
you want by adding our profit to the bid price.”

Car Financing
  • "I didn’t have the time to go to a branch and apply for financing. But Senin Bankan came to my rescue. My application was approved faster than I had expected, and I was able to immediately buy my new vehicle."


  • "Senin Bankan got the job done. I was already a regular account customer at Senin Bankan. I didn’t think twice when it came to financing my car, Senin Bankan was the first door I rang. Customers are never disappointed with the fast and low profit rate."


  • "Senin Bankan financed the purchase of my dream car. Senin Bankan is customer-friendly in all aspects; quality service, attention, and price."