“Considering you, as well as the education of your children, Senin Bankan is with you
for the entire education period of your children from nursery to doctorate,
with the alternatives it offers under Education Planning. The only thing you need to
do is choosing the plan most suitable for you.”

İhtiyaç Card
  • "Our twins started school. We overcame this serious economic burden thanks to Senin Bankan."

    K. Denizli

  • "I would like to do a PhD. I applied at once when I heard the advantages of Senin Bankan. I recommend to everyone who considers to continue his education."

    Ş. Güneş

  • "We didn’t have savings to send our son to the most prestigious school. We applied to Senin Bankan. Now our son is receiving a top-notch education while we repay our loan under convenient conditions."

    L. Bilgin